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Organic Cotton & Wool Mattresses

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  • HONEST SLEEP MATTRESS COLLECTION MADE WITH NATURAL AND ORGANIC MATERIALS – Breathable, cozy and naturally lightweight, our micro coil COZY NEST mattress offers the perfect blend of natural comfort and support.

    Ingredient: 4 inch Micro Coils, 24-40 lbs of USDA Certified Organic Cotton Depending on Size, 12-20 lbs of Natural Wool Depending on Size, Available with a Organic Cotton 7 oz. Twill or a Organic Cotton 12 oz. Jacquard Cover

    The CozyNest Organic Cotton and Innerspring Mattress is built with a top layer of organic cotton for extra softness. The wool used in this mattress is harvested from sheep raised humanely in the United States. It provides temperature control, comfort, and its resilience will allow for long lasting shape retention. The mattress core of 733 4” Micro Coils provides motion isolation from side to side since each spring only responds to pressure applied directly and not from spring to spring to better conform to your natural posture. Our CozyNest Comfort Mattress features Organic Cotton for its softness over conventional cotton, it is also free of pesticides.

    • The mattress is comprised of:
      • A Cotton core made up of 100% Organic Cotton layers.
      • A wrapping of about 1.5″ Pure Wool around the 100% Organic Cotton layered core.
      • It contains about 15% more cotton and twice as many tufts than our standard Organic Cotton Mattress.
    • The Cotton + Wool Dreamton is a White Lotus original mattress.
    • The mattress is comprised of:
      • A cotton core made up of 100% Organic Cotton layers.
      • A wrapping of about 1.5″ Pure Wool around the Organic Cotton layered core.

Showing all 3 results