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The benefits of a 100% organic mattress

Removing unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals from your life and your mattress


Why should you choose an organic & natural mattress? For the very same reasons you choose to eat organic fruits and vegetables and drink organic milk! Organic produce is healthier for you because chemical pesticide residues are not present and organic milk is preferred because it does not contain artificial chemical hormones. We choose organic foods because we are choosing to reduce our exposure to unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals. We should choose organic & natural mattresses for the very same reason!

Do you know what is in your conventional mattress? Petrol based foams, polyurethanes, formaldehydes, and sprayed on chemical fire retardants to name a few materials. Unsavory characters that have been linked to a variety of serious health issues such as cancer, infertility, obesity and developmental brain disorders. You may have been told that these materials are necessary and are there to protect you! False! These synthetic materials offgas and will continue to do so for their entire existence. The smell may dissipate but the toxicity does not.

The certified organic difference

The certified organic & natural mattresses in our store are made from 100% organic cotton, certified organic wool and GOLS certified organic natural rubber. These materials are extremely durable and made from renewable resources.

About one third of our life is spent in bed, shouldn’t that time be spent on a healthier, natural, and toxin free mattress?

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