How to choose the right pillow

The right pillow can impact your life in meaningful ways. Unfortunately, most people don’t shop for pillows with fit and comfort in mind. One of the biggest pillow shopping mistakes made is choosing a pillow based purely on your bed’s size.

Just because you have a king mattress doesn’t mean you need a king pillow. Your body shape, size, and sleeping position should be what dictates your pillow, never the size of your bed.

Your pillow’s primary job is to align and support your head and neck with your spine. When you sleep, you are giving your neck a rest from its day to day strain.

Here are a few of the factors that should come into play when choosing a pillow that will properly support and align your spine.

Your Body Composition

Your body shape and weight distribution should factor into your pillow selection. A person with a more narrow frame and slighter shoulders needs a much flatter pillow than someone with a more substantial frame or broader shoulders, even if they both share the same sleep position.

If you are a large chested woman, you know that having a pillow that can support your upper body without your shoulders rolling into one another is amazing!

(Bonus: a well-fitted pillow helps prevent cleavage lines!)

If you sleep on your side, you only need a pillow loft that fills the space between your earlobe to your shoulder. Here is where body size and shape come into play. Some people have broad shoulders, some have long necks, some have squatty shoulders, and others have short necks. Using the pillow filling rule of thumb from the earlobe to the shoulder is always a good starting point.

Your Day Job

If you work at a desk during the day, it’s even more important to have a supportive pillow. Your shoulders are slumped and rolled in. To have a pillow to open up the shoulders while you sleep is a great benefit.

Hand or Arm Discomfort

If your arms or hands are going numb in the night, your pillow does not offer you enough lift support. The weight of your head and your upper body is creating pressure and causing blood flood issues, which leads to numbness. Using a pillow that offers some buoyant support will solve this.

Your Sleeping Style

Depending on the way you sleep, you will need a pillow that fits your needs. There are three main sleepers: back sleeper, stomach sleeper, and side sleeper.

Stomach Sleeper: If you are a stomach sleeper and don’t feel complete without a pillow, then a thin and soft pillow is best. If your pillow is too high, it could cause a pinched neck. The best pillow for a stomach sleeper is Soft and thin.

Back Sleeper: These sleepers need to be aware of a pillow that pushes their head too far forward. A head that is raised too high can cause a stiff neck. Four to six inches of loft and medium support will create the ideal comfort for back sleepers. The Sage Sleep Pillow Collection made from natural shredded rubber provides the perfect support for your head and neck at the end of a long day.

This organic dream nestles your head into the perfect firmness that you desire. Easily adjustable by removing or adding material-you style your pillow your way.

Side Sleeper: This is the most popular sleep position and takes the most requirement out of its pillow. Side sleepers have the longest distance between their ear and shoulder and need a pillow to cover that distance. Without the right alignment, a side sleeper may get a strained and pinched neck.

The crescent-shaped Sage Sleep pillow is ideal for side-sleepers. The organic cotton and breathable hemp fibers provide instant comfort and circulation. Unlike synthetic materials, it regulates body temperatures, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also offers the best support for all you side-sleepers!

Organic Pillows are different from any other pillow on the market. First and foremost, almost all of our pillows are customizable. No matter what those infomercial guys say, there is NO one pillow for ALL people.

Our bodies are all shaped differently. We carry our weight differently, and we have aches and pains that are unique to each one of us.

Having a pillow that you can customize to your personal preference is key.

We have a selection of side sleeper pillows that look a little different. There “crescent” shaped pillow offers unique support to give you a “lift” from your mattress to relieve shoulder pressure. It’s perfect for side-sleepers and back-sleepers, especially if you ever wake up with numbness in your arms or hands. Plus, it’s shape is excellent for all of you “pillow huggers,” too!

Temperature Regulation

The average person perspires about a pint of moisture per night. If you have a pillow that sleeps hot, you’ll sweat more, which causes tossing and turning. All of which adds up to interrupted sleep.

Pillows that don’t breathe and that get too hot—like those made from memory foam materials—retain moisture and can eventually grow mold, bacteria, and yeast.

Not only is this pretty gross, but it can also lead to allergy symptoms and skin breakouts, no matter how fancy of an acne cream you’re slathering on at night.

Natural Materials

Pillows sold at the Natural Mattress VT are made from natural materials like Mother Nature’s perfect fiber- cotton.

Our signature fabrics are created from natural materials for the ultimate in health and comfort. Airy and breathable fabrics will allow your body to regulate its temperature so you can toss and turn less due to overheating.

Latex  pillows are made of  natural antimicrobial latex that won’t harbor dust mites. (Dust mites don’t like natural rubber latex.)

We think mother nature gave us everything we need to sleep well. We can’t take credit for the fantastic health benefits of these natural materials; we just figured out how to make these materials into the MOST comfortable and supportive pillows ever.


There are 100,000 pillows sold in the US every day. The majority of these are sold at big box stores, not by people who understand how a pillow’s height, shape, or materials can impact your sleep. After a year or so of sleeping on a pillow that’s too hot, too tall, etc., most people will go in search of something new and more comfortable.

And those discarded pillows head straight for the landfill.

One of our best selling brands, Sage Sleep pillows are made from durable and long-lasting materials, like organic cotton and natural latex. Because they are customizable, you can add or remove loft (filling) to accommodate changes to your body size, shape, or sleeping styles.

A Sage Sleep pillow lasts 6x to 7x longer than a traditional box-store pillow, by design.

What Our Customers Say

Sage Sleep pillows have been designed and refined over years of experience and feedback from customers, most of which call our Sage Sleep pillows “Life-Changing”.

Words from our current and past customers are what matters most to us.

So we’re proud to say that some of the words our customers use to describe their sleep on our pillows are:

  • “Life-Changing.”
  • “Clean Sleep Never Felt so Good”
  • “Being fit for a pillow is as important as being fit for a bra.”
  • “My neck pain is gone after years of searching for a pillow that works for me.”

You Deserve More From Your Pillow

We sweat, on average, one pint of moisture per night. We wear creams and hair products. Our skin cells flake off while we are sleeping.

Our pillow is what you are laying your head on for ⅓ of each day. It can contribute to a good night’s sleep and better health or cause discomfort, pain, allergies, and interrupted rest.

Your pillow deserves more. More thoughtfulness in its design, more natural fibers in its materials, more long-lasting durability, more customization to fit your body. And you deserve more from your pillow.

You deserve an organic pillow from the Natural Mattress VT!