How to Support Brick and Mortar Stores Amidst Covid-19

How to Support Brick and Mortar Stores Amidst Covid-19

With quarantine extensions beginning to indicate the current, growing severity of this pandemic, many universities, public schooling, large venues, sports, and numerous other industries begin to prepare for the long-term. Uncertainty seems to be the one thing certain during the coronavirus pandemic, upheaving the lives of billions of Americans. During this stressful and unprecedented time period, it is ever-so important to find ways to support local, from retailers to restaurants. Many large corporations like UberEats and DoorDash offer free delivery from local restaurants in order to help promote the takeout business. But what about retailers? What is the best way you can support your local brick and mortar store?


How to Offer Financial Support

  1. The most obvious way to support your local retailers would be to purchase, if possible, any product. Big or small, all purchases help the shop pay fixed costs such as rent. However, not every store is equal. Here at the Natural Mattress Company, we know buying a mattress is a long process, including time for research and testing. However, we do offer a couple of mattresses that can be re-customized softer or firmer after purchase for no charge while our store’s showroom is closed.

  2. If possible, buy a gift card from your favorite store. This is a popular way to give money to the stores to use now, and allows you to use the gift card later, thus benefiting both parties.


How to Offer Other Support

  1. Promote the brand online! A positive review or just a post about the store is just as important as financial support. Remember to follow all of your favorite stores on social media and love their posts.

  2. Check out their website. Website traffic is a great way to boost a company while allowing you to continue research on the brand or product that caught your eye!

  3. Reach out. If you really would like to support your local stores, shoot them an email or leave a call! Asking what you as a customer and patron can during this time is the best and simplest way to provide support.


During this pandemic, it is extremely important that we rely on each other, our neighbors, friends, families, and even local businesses. Remember that eventually this will all be over, and here at the Natural Mattress Company we are very excited for the day we get to reopen our doors and talk face-to-face with our customers again. One of the best ways to support your favorite local store is to prepare for after quarantine. Stopping in to say shop or even just say hello offers us the encouragement needed to get through the trying times to follow. We miss all of you greatly and wish you and your loved ones well. Remember to stay safe, and stay inside!