Why Purchase an Organic Wool Topper?

Medical professionals and sleep experts have, for years, recommended about 8 hours of sleep per day. While not everyone follows that rule to a t the fact is that people, on average, spend about one-third of their lives in bed. We need and use that third of our lives to rest up and prepare our bodies and minds for the other two-thirds each day, which can be very demanding. For this reason, it should be obvious that decisions about your organic mattress and wool mattress topper shouldn’t be taken lightly – especially if you want to sleep heavily!

Organic wool toppers are generally used to soften up a mattress and provide extra pressure point relief. Wool is a sustainable and renewable source that has been used in bedding for generations. Listed below are some of the advantage of using an organic wool topper versus a synthetic fiber. If you have a mattress, but you’re considering adding an organic wool topper, we have a lot of great options – but we also like to inform our customers as much as possible to help them make an educated purchasing decision about the best sleep solutions for them. So let’s dive in…

Why Choose Wool?

Allergy Mitigation

Most people know that wool wicks away moisture, which obviously helps prevent bacterial growth, mold and mildew. But did you know that organic wool is also naturally resistant to dust mites, one of the worst allergens impacting allergy sufferers as they sleep?

Temperature Regulation and Comfort

We typically think about being cozy and warm in bed, but in most climates you have to be concerned – at least for part of the year – about being too hot. Depending on your bedding and region you live in, this could be an issue most of the year, if not year-round. The good news is that with an organic wool mattress topper, you get the best of both worlds. As a natural insulator, wool keeps you warm when you need it, but it breaths and wicks away moisture when you don’t.

On average, we sweat up to 3 pints – think beer glasses – of moisture each night. An organic wool mattress topper prevents you from waking up in clammy, uncomfortable bedding.

Wool also doesn’t promote static cling or electricity.

Wool Topper Comfort

Tests on wool have determined that it recovers 95% of its original thickness when compressed, which is 15-30% higher than typical synthetic materials. As a result, people who sleep on an organic wool topper get the added benefit of superior pressure point relief. Sufferers of back or neck pain know how important this can be.

Wool = REM Sleep

Sleep experts have long spoken about the importance of “REM” (rapid eye movement) sleep due to the benefits to the brain function, including learning and memory retention. Studies show that people who sleep on wool have lower heart rates, experience less sleep disturbance and longer duration REM sleep.

Mattress Topper Safety

Given its natural flame resistance, wool is a safe natural mattress topper option.

Environmentally Friendly Mattress Toppers

♬ Baa baa black sheep do you have any wool? ♬

Black Sheep: I sure do. You making a mattress topper?

Rarely do sheep cross our minds, but nursery rhyme’s aside – that’s really where we get wool! And as such, it’s a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable material.

Organic Wool Mattress Topper FAQs

How long will a wool topper last?

Wool is a healthier choice to sleep on as it offers a low cost organic option and provides the best comfort for years to come. Most wool toppers will come with a 5 year warranty, longer than most topper warranties.

Does a wool mattress topper have a smell?

Like many types of mattresses, you’ll likely detect a distinct, sweet smell when you first roll out your organic wool mattress topper – but it will dissipate over the course of a few days. The appealing scent actually helps create a comforting and relaxing sleep environment, and serves as a reminder that you’re laying on a material free of harmful synthetics, chemicals and toxins.